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Why is home staging so expensive?

While the cost of home staging varies depending on the contract, generally you can expect between $600-$800 per month per staged room for your property. This includes a lot of different things including organizing the space, buying accessories and furniture, and final touches to the property like painting/cleaning, which may need to be outsourced to someone else. Below we breakdown exactly what you pay for when you hire a home stager and how to save money if you’re looking to hire a home stager:

1) The Staging Service

The biggest cost is going to man-hours that the home stager is going to spend organizing your home and getting it ready to be sold. The bigger the home the more time it will take and therefore the more it will cost.

2) Furniture and Accessories

If the home that you’re looking to sell is empty or near-empty then you're going to need to rent some furniture to make the house look like a home. When you’re staging a home you want people to be able to envision themselves living there and an empty home with little or no furniture doesn’t do the job so it’s an essential expense.

3) Visual Maintenance

Typically homestagers don’t do deep cleans of homes but what they will do is touch up work like painting, setting up good lighting, etc that will make the property look nicer. It all comes back to making the space look better and appear to be well kept by previous clients. If this is necessary because of poor maintenance by past tenants or because the colors are bland and unappealing, then that will be another cost in the process.

How to save money during home staging

1) Limit it to key rooms

The easiest way to save money is just to stage the important parts of the home. The most important rooms are typically the bedroom, kitchen, and living rooms, where people will spend the majority of their time. Limit the staging to these areas and that will save you a lot of money and give you the best ROI on the money you do spend.

2) Package multiple properties

Contractors are typically willing to give discounts for more work so if you have multiple properties that you want to sell you can package them together and get a discount on the per property cost.

3) Pick businesses near you

Travel time is factored in when homestagers are giving you an estimate, it takes time and money for someone to drive 1,2, or 3 hours to a property. To help save money you want to stick with people that are close to the property and that will also help to reduce how much you pay.

4) Use furniture you own

Rather than having to pay the home stager to bring and use their furniture if you have furniture of your own that you are willing to use that can help to save you money as well.

Get started organizing your home

If you’re thinking about getting some home organizing done for you and your family you can book a professional organizing consultation with us. Also, if you like this blog and want to read others like this you can subscribe to our newsletter down below.

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