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Hi! I’m Vanessa Quan, a Professional Organizer and Home Stager serving the Greater Toronto Area. Here at Vq spaces, we are always open to new ideas and solutions to best showcase your space! I am passionate about helping my clients find solutions to challenges and simplify their day to day lives. My passion began at a young age when I discovered how much I loved organizing my cousins’ and siblings' rooms, creating room layouts and floor plans, and playing around with the furnishings. I decided that I wanted to turn this passion into a career and took a step towards getting certified. I am now a USC™ Certified UltimateStager™ and UCPO™ Certified Professional Organizer™.


With a background in Visual Merchandising and Product Management, my strength lies in having an eye for detail and creating appeal. My goal as a visual merchandiser was to create visual impact with mannequins, floor displays and merchandise presentation to convert shoppers into buyers, and maximize profitability. I have 7+ years of retail experience and I’ve taken the initiative to enhance stores and stock rooms by implementing organizational systems. With those new systems, we were able to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. I am currently a Sales Coordinator for E-Commerce at Better Living, a company that designs and develops innovative, quality bath and shower organization solutions. My main focuses include maintaining and optimizing product listings to maximize conversions and sales across all platforms.


Through organization and design, I am focused on creating a beautiful environment to maximize the potential of your space.

Professional Organizer™

Certified UltimateStager™

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