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Do home stagers own the furniture?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

One of the questions many of our clients have is do you provide furniture. The short answer is yes, providing furniture for home staging is part of the process and will be covered as part of the overall home staging expense. It’s nothing that you need to worry about getting before starting the process. Now there are two main options that you can choose during the home staging process if you need furniture:

Use the homestagers furniture

In this option, the home stager will get the requirements for furniture during the initial consultation and based on that provide you a price for using their furniture. This will either be furniture that they own or rent. The benefit of this option is that you have more options for decorating the home and this will make it easier for you to sell the property.


This simply means that the home stager won’t provide you with furniture but will simply rearrange the furniture you already have and use that to stage the home. This option saves you money but doesn’t provide the stager with as much creative freedom so it may not look as nice.

Both of these options can be done effectively and it just depends on your preference. If you don’t have any furniture then you will probably need to go with option one. If you have nice, modern furniture then you don’t need to spend that extra money simply go with option 2, it’s completely up to you, and if you're not sure what the best option is we can talk you through that during a consultation.

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