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Is a Professional Organizer Worth It?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

A clean and professionally organized workspace

Whether you should hire a professional organizer is dependent on your situation. Some people are naturally clean and organized people and in that situation hiring a professional may not be beneficial. However, here are some statistics that demonstrate that this is not most people. 54% of Americans say they are overwhelmed with clutter and don’t know what to do with it. 83% of Canadians indicate they feel extremely disorganized and 91% feel like clutter negatively affects their lives. There’s a lot of mental and emotional benefits to hiring someone to help you organize your home, apartment etc. Here are some of the top reasons why someone that feels stressed out in their home should hire a professional organizer:

1) You procrastinate

Most people are more than capable of getting up and organizing their home, however for most people it’s simply a daunting task. The idea of organizing a room that has been a mess for months or years is just too difficult to start and as a result it sits there for weeks, which becomes months and becomes years.

2) You save time

If you’re not used to doing this type of work it will take you much longer than it would if you hire a professional. If you choose to hire a professional organizer you can sit in your living room, go out for lunch or do any other activity you enjoy and in 1-3 hours have the mess completely cleaned up. You can choose to get involved if you want but overall you can completely outsource this to someone that does it for a living and they will be able to do it faster and better than you probably would.

3) You can get a second opinion

Many people have the unhealthy habit of hoarding items in their home. Perhaps they think “I might need these someday” or they just have an emotional attachment to a certain object. This causes them to keep items well past when they should and over time these items accumulate and take up space in your home, adding to the clutter.

4) Organizer’s make your home more functional

If you’re someone that works from home (thanks to covid many of us do) you understand the benefit of having a good home office space. It’s difficult enough not to get distracted when working from home and you're surrounded by family, TVs, gaming consoles and many other distractions. Another use case is if you have a child and you want your home setup so that it is safe for the kids and difficult for them to make a mess. Professional organizers specialize in making your home functional for whatever purposes you have in mind.

Get started organizing your home

If you’re thinking about getting some home organizing done for you and your family you can book a consultation with us for home organization. Also, if you like this blog and want to read others like this you can subscribe to our newsletter down below.

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