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How do Professional Organizers Work?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

If you’re never hired a professional organizer then you are probably unfamiliar with the process. While each organizer may have small differences in their workflow, the general process will be very similar going from person to person. In this article we’re going to give you a general breakdown of the workflow of a professional organizer and the process you can expect if you decide to hire us or someone else: 1) Initial Assessment The first step in the process is to do an initial assessment, this means getting measurements of the rooms that are going to be done to figure out how many square feet (approximately) are in the scope of the project. Essentially the organizer needs to figure out how much work needs to be done so they can give you a good money and time estimate. Here we also want to identify what your goals are, is it just organization, do you want a new home office, are you setting up a room for an expected baby etc. 2) Pricing and Scheduling The next step in the process is to agree on a price and schedule the time for the appointment. The pricing will be based on factors such as the initial assessment, distance from the organizer and other factors outlined in our how much does an organizer cost per hour article. Once this is agreed on, the next step is to figure out what time works best for your schedule.

3) Complete the Job

Now that all of the details have been established we are good to come and do the work that we promised to do. You as the client are free to be home as we do the work or you can go about your day and come back towards the end to inspect the job and make sure that you are happy with what was done.

There it is, there are three primary steps to hiring and working with a professional organizer. Most of the work will be done by the organizer, your responsibilities are usually limited to 1) Answering some questions about the home 2) Giving access to your home for an assessment and doing the organizing 3) Paying your bill on time, that’s it.

A simple three-step process. If you would like to get this process started working with us, you can book a professional organizing consultation with us.

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