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Home Staging tips for Realtors

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Everyone knows that first impressions are extremely important, studies show that people start making judgements based on first impressions in less than 7 seconds and sometimes in as little as a tenth of a second! As a realtor when you post pictures of your property this is your first and sometimes last chance to make a good impression before the customer decides whether or not they are interested. Not only does having the right look help you sell faster but it helps you sell the properties for more money. On average professionally staged homes sell for 17% more and 95% of them sell in less than 11 days. Having a well staged property will save you a lot of money and a lot of time. To help you make the most from your transaction here are some tips on how you can stage your property before putting it out on the market: Never put an empty home on the market

One of the main things people try to do when they are buying a home is to visualize themselves in that house, happy and comfortable, which is very hard to do if the home is empty. You want to make sure you have an attractive and functional looking setup so that it’s easier for the buyer to imagine themselves living in that home. This means having good furniture in a nice setup that will be appealing to buyers. You also want to tailor the design depending on the customer, for example if they have children or pets you want to have a setup that reflects those things and shows how this home will be a good fit for everyone, not just the person you spoke to on the phone. Those little details will make people more comfortable that this home is the right one for them.

Keep the colours neutral This doesn’t mean to make the home look dull or boring but avoid using “loud” or “shocking” colours that may put off people that aren’t a fan of those colours. Neutral colours like black, white or deep purple are some good options for home staging. Avoid anything divisive For example you want to make sure you use anything political or religious that may go against the beliefs or ideology of the people that are touring the home. The exception may be if you know what they like then you may be able to use that to make it more appealing to them, but if you have any doubts it’s best to stay neutral.

Remove Clutter Having a cluttered space is not only less visually attractive but it can also cause people to get more stressed, which is not the feeling you want in someone that is viewing the home. You should aim to keep the home looking as spacious as possible and easy for them to navigate.

Don’t use personal items for decoration

This goes back to the point of trying to help your buyer view themselves and their family living in this home. For example If you have pictures of other people in the home then it makes it harder for people to visualize themselves living there, it feels as if they are in someone else’s home. Keep the space clean and smelling good

Being clean and smelling good is a great way to give people a good impression of your space. If you're dealing with someone that is very health conscious any signs of mold, vermin, rusty pipes or anything of that nature can be a huge turnoff for them. People don’t want to come into a home and immediately see that they are going to need to clean up the home. Having a nice smell is an excellent complement because a good smell naturally causes people to relax and get into a better mood. Make sure there is a good lighting Good lighting is essential for making sure that the home is viewed in a positive way, poor lighting is naturally associated with a more “depressing” environment. While good lighting makes people more energetic and it makes it easier to see the colours and full beauty of the home. Plus if they are someone that works from home or likes to read that will be important to them. Offer hospitality

Mastering the art of hospitality and being liked by people will get you a long way in any business transaction. One way you can do this is by having some snacks in the kitchen area of the home and when you take them to the kitchen offer them some chocolate or other snacks. People are typically in a better mood when they are full and the gesture will help to improve their overall experience. Ideally, when they leave and they are thinking back on the tour you want them to have a good feeling not a negative one.

Watch the Weather

If you have a chance to choose what day to show a home, pick a day with good weather. Rainy, snowy, gloomy and cold days tend to put people in worse moods, ideally you want a nice warm and bright day to show a home. Especially if the front and backyards are an important aspect of the home, you want it to be highlighted, which is harder if the weather is bad.

These tips will help you ensure that your home is viewed in the best possible way by your buyers. While these tips will help you market your property we recommend that you have your home professional staged if you want the quickest sale. If you’re interested in having a professional home stager help you with your properties, schedule a consultation with us for home staging.

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